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Profile: Vibrant and sweet, with flavors of purple skin plums with a hint of molasses. Soft acidity with a medium body, and a smooth finish like chocolate.

This coffee is perfect as a filter coffee but works equally well as an Espresso based beverage.

Aroma: Fruity   Flavour: Citrus/ Stone Fruit   Acidity: Soft   Body: Medium



Growing Altitude : 1350 m.a.s.l.   Arabica Variety : Catuaí, Caturra, Pacas, Bourbon

Harvest Period : December to April   Milling Process : Washed

Honduras is a very appropriate location for growing and harvesting coffee. The soil, climate, and general conditions in Honduras are the same as those of the neighboring countries. Honduras produces a range of qualities in coffee.


In the past it was only known for commercial grade coffee, but in more recent years, they have had a drive to improve quality.


Overall the quality of Honduran coffees have significantly improved and they’re also producing some phenomenal specialty coffees.

Honduras Las Nubes

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