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Perfect for milk based espresso beverages, however, being an omni-roast, works well as a filter brew as well.


Profile: Rich and full bodied, with bold tones of caramelized sugar and chocolate, and an overlay of subtle fruit notes.

The blend: Brazil & Uganda

Aroma : Rich and smooth

Flavour: Sugary, Fruity and Choclate

Acidity : Citric

Body : Full


Carefully crafted and blended for a balanced and smooth cup, that is full and round, with a delicate brightness. Designed for Espresso beverage application, this blend works exceptional well as both a plain espresso and with milk.


Deep and sweet tones that are rich and creamy as an Espresso. As a milk based espresso beverages, it boasts tones of caramel and chocolate with a fruity overlay. With perfectly steamed milk, expect notes of toasted marshmallow and banana.


Uganda lends deep fruity notes and chocolate, adding complexity to the coffee with it's refined acidity. Brazil provides added notes of chocolate and a smooth character that compliments the complexity of the African bean.


Together their vast differences in cup profile compliment each other and combine to create a great coffee for espresso applications.


This is the ideal blend for every day coffees at the office or at a Cafe. 

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